Strategic Placement of Art Pieces for Maximum Impact

Art pieces have the ability to infuse life and personality into any space, providing a unique character to a room. Not only can artworks serve as an expression of the homeowner's personal style, but they can also contribute to the overall visual appeal of the space. Strategic placement of art pieces can significantly enhance the ambience of a room. Here are some ideas for maximising the impact of art pieces through placement:

Placement on Walls

Hang your art pieces at eye-level, preferably at roughly 57 inches from the floor to the centre of the artwork. This provides easy viewership, as anyone standing in the space can take in the beauty of the art piece without straining their neck. Consider the shape and size of the wall before hanging and try to avoid putting hanging artwork on smaller walls that could make the room appear cluttered. The key here is to choose carefully between placing the artwork on the wall and finding the right complimentary piece that doesn’t overpower the wall and adds balance to the space.

Displaying on shelves or platforms

You can choose to display your artwork on shelves or platforms. This is commonly known as a ‘gallery wall’ and can be an exciting way to showcase your art collection. For this kind of placement, mix and match smaller and larger pieces together to create a unique, dynamic display. Consider grouping art pieces with similar colour schemes together to provide continuity and cohesion to the overall display. Always make sure to consider the scale and balance of each piece with its surroundings.

Placement on Mantels or Console Tables

Artwork placed above a mantel or console table can add elegance and depth to the space. The height of the artwork should be dictated by the item underneath it. A general rule of thumb is to aim for artwork that is roughly two-thirds the width of the piece of furniture underneath it. Additionally, consider the colours of the artwork to compliment the overall colour scheme of the space.

Grouping Art Pieces Together

If you have a collection of art pieces and want to display them together, consider grouping them together in an uncluttered space such as a hallway or foyer. Grouping art pieces together by subject matter or theme can create a statement of a particular interest, culture, or period of art that can be both informative and aesthetic. Ensure that the grouping has balance, and that each piece contributes equally to the overall effect.

Placement Lighting

Proper lighting is essential to showcase the artwork and setting the desired mood in a room. Choose lighting that highlights the artwork without overpowering it. Positioning a light directly above or below the art piece or placing lights at various angles can create different moods and emphasise certain details in the artwork. Make sure to consult an electrician or professional for advice on selecting proper lighting for your space.

Final Thoughts

With these ideas, you can create an exciting and dynamic space, adorned with unique and authentic art pieces accumulated from your travels, local artisans, or personal connection to the piece. Keep in mind the scale, colour, and balance of each piece; these elements must work harmoniously together to create a final impact. Art is there to be enjoyed, not just to fill empty spaces. Take a creative approach to your placement choices, and transform your home into a beautiful reflection of your style.